What’s ISDB-T full seg?

What’s ISDB-T full seg?

What’s ISDB-T full seg? The ISDB-T system uses the UHF band at frequencies between 470 and 770 MHz (806 MHz in Brazil), giving a total bandwidth 300 MHz.

The bandwidth is divided into fifty channels name channels 13 through 62. Each channel is 6 MHz wide consisting of a 5.57 MHz wide signalling band and a 430 kHz guard band to limit cross channel interference.

Each of these channels is further divided into 13 segments, with each with 428 kHz of bandwidth. 1 seg uses a single of these segments to carry the 1seg transport stream.

full seg
ISDB-T full seg

1seg, like ISDB-T uses QPSK for modulation, with 2/3 forward error correction and 1/4 guard ratio. The total datarate is 416 kbit/s.

The television system uses a H.264/MPEG-4 AVC video stream and a HE-AAC audio stream multiplexed into a MPEG transport stream. The maximum video resolution is 320×240 pixels, with a video bitrate of between 220 and 320 kbit/s.

Audio conforms to HE-AAC profile, with a bitrate of 48 to 64 kbit/s. Additional data (EPG, interactive services, etc) is transmitted using BML and occupies the remaining 10 to 100 kbit/s of bandwidth.

Conditional access and copy control are implemented in 1seg broadcasting by the use of Broadcast Flag-like structure contained in the “Copy Control Descriptor” within the broadcast.

The broadcast contents themselves are not encrypted, but the Copy Control information forces the device to encrypt stored recordings and disallows making a copy of the recording.

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