Car DVR black box 2.5″ LCD in Vehicle Camera Road Accident Video Recorder Night Vision 6 LED

Vehicle Car cam DVR Recorder Camera road safety guard 2.5″ TFT LCD Screen 270° 6 LED

Car DVR Features

720P by software

1.3M Pixels, 1280X720 resolution

120 degree lens angle

Motion Detection, Cycled Recording

AV out

SupportSD Card up to 32GB

Recording Video

Taking photo

Cycled Recording, 1/2/5/10/15 minutes

Motion Detection

Play Back with Speaker

4X digital Zoom

Car DVR Specifications

Image Sensor

1.3M Pixels CMOS

Video Resolution

Hardware 848×480/30fps

Software 1280×720/30fps

Lens View Angle

120 degree

Display Screen

2.4 inch High definition TFT LCD

Night Vision

infrared night vision

Video Format



SupportSD Card 2GB to 32GB

Recording Time

2 hours with Li-in battery


USB2.0, 5 Pin MINI USB

Video Output

AV out


Ployer Lithium polymer battery



Body Size


Body Weight




System Requirement

Windows 2000/XP/VISTA/, WIN7


Car Charger, Car Bracket, USB cable, Manual

in car dvr
in car dvr camera
Car DVR Introduction:
120 degree Wide Angle
6 IR LED lights, Better Night version
Extra battery, can be recharchangeable and replaced.
One battery is included, if you need extra, pls contact with vcan.
SD card is not included ,it can support Max 32GB memory card
USB 2.0, Can transferr the video to your PC.
Car Black box
Car Black box
Car DVR Features:
Turn on the Car cam DVR and press to enter into setting interface. Menu Button. Confirm by and select by for the following setting.
Press again to exit after finished.
1. Movie Size: Select 1280×960 / 720×480 / 640×480
2. Audio Recording: Select On or Off
3. Volume: From 0 to7
4. Motion Detect: Select On or Off
5. Recording time: Select [2/5/15] minute to decide how many time will be storage per one section.
6. Date Stamp: Select [Date &TimeStamp]or [No Stamp] 7. Date/Time: Set correct recording Dateand time.
8. Language: Select [English/Chinese/Russian] 9. LightFrequency: set [50/60Hz].
10. Restore Default:. Select[ Yes]or [No].
11. Version:. Show the VCAN software version Number
DVR car camera
DVR car camera
Car DVR Technical Specification:
1. IR day and night vision for recording
2. Recording resolution: 1280×960 / 720×480 / 640×480
3. Repeat storage by section: 2/5/15 minutes
4. Power source: Built-in rechargeable battery or 12V/24V Car Charger
5. Supports SD/MMC card ( From 1GB up to 32GB,the memory card is not included)
6. Microphone: can record sound
7. Interface: USB2.0
1. Please insert the SD/ MMC card before recording (the memory card is not included).
2. Please adjust the time display before recording. If not set a time, the DVR cannotrecord.
3. This DVR records in cycle if you choose 2/5/15 minutes as storage time. When the storage medium is full, it will record from the beginning again and erase over the previously recorded material automatically. It will have 3 seconds paus time, and namely the contents in the 3 seconds will not recorded.
4. Because the DVR is DC5V input, please use the attached car charger. It have adaptor 12V/24V transfers to 5V already.
5. When you cannot stop recording by pressing REC button, please check if you have selected the is Montion Detect ON. If yes, please select OFF
DVR camera
DVR camera
Package contents:
* Camcorder
* Manual Li-ion battery
* Mount
* USBCable
* Car Charger (Includethe adpator 12V/24Vtransfers to 5V)
Q: Do you accept Paypal for sample?
A: Yes, our paypal account is [email protected]
Q: Is this including 4GB SD card?
A: In the standard accessory, no, we agree to add 4GB SD card if you need.
Q: How much for SD card?
A: Here is SD card price for your references:
2GB: USD6, 8GB: USD8.2, 16GB:15.8 and 32GB: USD25.0
(All Memory card is from San Disk or Kingston, the prices are for reference only, frequent changes without notice)
Q: Do you provide free shipment?
A: Yes, we agree to offer free shiping by Hongkong Normal post. Please contact with VCAN for details.
Q: Would you please more explanation of application of DVR?
A: Please read details at user’s manual.
Download link:
Q: Please let me where this DVR should be installed?
A: Car DVR is better to install at windshield of front of car. In the package there is one install bracket.
Please see attached pictures of how to install at car’s windshield.
Q: Can it install in other than car?
A: Because of this DVR has built-in rechargeable battery, except in car, it can be installed any place if you like.
Q: Can it up the memory?
A: Now our DVR support 128MB~32GB. In fact, it is recyling recording. That means if the memory is full, it can re-write again from start.
Q: When the memory of 32GB will be full? I need to know the capacity of recording per 24h?
A: It is dependent by your setting on picture quality, We also support motion detection, that means you can set up the dvr automatic starting to record once find any motion.
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