Japan digital TV ISDB-T platform welcomed at Philippine

ABS-CBN CORP., Philippine biggest television network, welcomed plans for the country to adopt the Japandigital TV ISDB-T, or the Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting (ISDB) platform.

ABS-CBN group chief financial officer Rolando Valdueza said that while the company was open to both platform choices, either from Japan isdb-t or Europe DVB-T2, he said the ISDB offered relatively lower costs and additional functions, including a built-in early warning system against natural calamities like earthquakes and storms.

Valdueza noted that digital television would benefit customers in terms of service as this would offer clearer television signals and more channels.

He noted that viewership could improve as the system would help solve “signal problems in some areas in Mega Manila.”

isdb-t phillipine

In the meantime, the National Telecommunications Commission said there was no opposition from stakeholders on the adoption of the Japanese standard during a public hearing held on Oct. 29.

The regulator will issue a circular formalizing the adoption, which will likely take effect by the end of November, NTC Deputy Commissioner Edgardo Cabarios said in a previous interview.

He said the implementing rules and regulations would be released by 2014 and full migration could occur two to three years after that.

Valdueza noted that those on analog television sets would need to acquire digibox devices to be able to use digital television services.

Those with digital TVs, even if their systems are ready to obtain the signals, will also have to acquire digibox if they want to enjoy the other functions and services to be offered by ABS-CBN, he said.

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