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9?? headrest DVD

Remote control: remote control game combo handle
Panel button: Laser lettering button
Screen core: 9 “A regulation of the new screen
Movement: abundant movement (Sony bald) Model: KHS-313A
Machine circuit program: SUNPLUS Sunplus program
DVD master chip: SPHE8202V (SPHE8202K)
64M memory IC: ESMT (M12L6416A-ANM1P11PS)
Movement Motor Driver IC: SA5888
FM chip: KT0803L
Format: PAL / NTSC
Boot screen: factory neutral boot screen (do customer boot LOGO)

The same time as
(DVD / VCD / MP3 / MP4 / CD-R / CD-RW / DIVX). The function of the DVD function is as follows: 1, AV input, DVD output, AV input on the panel. (A: 2.3MHZ-2.8MHZ.B: 3.2MHZ-3.8MHZ). 4, FM transmitter function (87.5MHZ-88.9MHZ, every 0.2MHZ progressive frequency) .5 , The wired headset function on the panel 6, 32-bit wireless game function 7, SD / USB function 8: external cigarette lighter power supply function. 9: Built-in speaker function 10: AV output function B: Monitor function: 1: Two AV inputs (all inside the machine, all on the machine panel) 2: Built-in speaker function (optional) 3: Dual channel infrared headphones Function (A: 2.3MHZ-2.8MHZ.B: 3.2MHZ-3.8MHZ) (optional) 4: wired headset function.
C: Machine Other features: Removable irons / Velcro Sticky Sheets / Machine Manual detachable (optional)
Image Flip Mode: Flip up and down
Image mode: 16: 9 (4: 3)
Speaker output power: 1.2W (maximum 1.5W)
Overall output power: DVD: about 8W (maximum about 10W). Display: about 3.5W (about 4.5W).
Machine operating current: DVD: about 600MA (maximum about 700MA). Display: about 200MA (maximum 250MA).
Machine standby current: DVD / AV: about 80MA.
Machine operating voltage: DVD / AV: 12VDC (minimum 10VDC, maximum 14VDC).
Weight: DVD: 1.7KG. AV: 1.5KG.
Normal operating temperature: negative 10 – positive 45 degrees
RESOLUTION: 800 (H) X3 (RGB) X480 (W) (digital screen),
BRIGHTNESS: 400 cd / m2

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