Price List for home ISDB-T Digita TV receiver TNT

Vcan1779ISDB-T-digital-tv-stb-box-set-top-tuner-receiver-box-sintonizador-argentina-frequencyISDB-T Digital TV Standard
Support Youtube WIFI (need antenna support)
Vcan19148M ISDB-T for Botswana-vcan19148M support Botswana Maldives
Argentia$9.8$10.6$11.5Support Dolby and AC3 6M
$8.8$9.6$10.5No Dolby or AC3 8M

Optional Accessory


HDMI Cable USD0.33

100cm Length

ISDB-T digital tv stb box set top tuner receiver box sintonizador argentina frequency antenna-china-factory

Antenna 1 USD0.66

150cm length

ISDB-T digital tv stb box set top tuner receiver box sintonizador argentina frequency antenna-china

Antenna 2 USD0.55

150cm length

Price List for home ISDB-T 1 -

USB WIFI Antenna: USD1.76

14cm length

1. How long is the length of the TV antenna cable?

The default length is 1.5 meters, For Other lengths, you need to contact us when you order.

2. Does your digital TV set-top box support WiFi and Youtube network video playback?

Yes, our digital TV box supports WiFi and network video playback. You need to buy a USB WiFi antenna, plug it into the USB port, and connect to the WiFi network.

3. Which one Is the chipset solution…? Ali, MS, Sunplus, etc

Vcan1779 is Sunplus 1508C; Vcan1914 is Mstar.


4. Why is my menu WIFI network greyed out and cannot be selected?

1. Please make sure you have connected the factory optional USB WiFi antenna.
2. If you did not purchase the correct USB WIFI antenna from the factory, please make sure that the USB WIFI antenna you purchased separately has built-in or is compatible with the following chip. MT7601U or MT7601