USB ISDB-T Full Seg digital USB TV Stick use for PC Philippines Japan chile VCAN1012

USB ISDB-T Full Seg digital USB TV Stick use for PC Philippines Japan chile VCAN1012 1 -

VCAN1012 ISDB-T Full Seg digital USB TV Stick-1 (1)


*Input Terminal: 75 Ohm IEC (Din) Connector;
*Receive Frequency: TV 48.25 ~ 863.25 MHz;
*Fully ISDB-T Compliant(1 Seg to Full Seg);
*2K to 8K FFT Size;
*Punctured Codes: 1/2, 2/3, 3/4 4/5, 5/6 and 7/8;
*Bandwidth: 6MHzDe-Multiplexing;
*Max No. Sect6ion filtering: 32PIDS;
*Engine: Software;
*Stream capture: PES & TSA/V Format;
*Video Format: mpg-II Main Profile & Main Level/H.264;
*Audio Format: mpg-II Audio Layer I & II;

System requirements:

*Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/Windows7
*Celeron 1.5GMHz CPU or above
*128MB RAM or above
*VGA card at least 128MB Memory
*P4 2.0 GHz or above for HDTV
*256MB RAM or above for HDTV
*VGA card at least 256 MB Memory
*USB 2.0 Compatible
*Microsoft Direct X9.0 or above
*Microsoft media Player 9.0 or above
*UHF/VHF Antenna for ISDB-T Terrestrial TV
*USB port power equipment
ISDB-T Full Seg is a Pen size digital USB TV Stick. It turns your laptop into a portable digital multimedia center. The sleek and compact design makes your trip easy and fun. You may enjoy QS807 entertainment whenever you like and wherever you go! It is fully compatible with Brazilian ISDBT digital TV standard.
Feature List:
*Advanced TV Application -Watch ISDB-T TV (SD and HD) on PC;
*Rewind and Fast Forward live TV shows with Always Time Shifting recording;
*Electronic Program Guide (EPG);
*Automatic Station Searching;
*Create favorite stations for convenient listening Digital Personal Video Recording;
*Schedule TV recording and save directly to your PC Hard Drive;
*Fully remote control;
*Excellent picture viewer/media player/video cutting software bundled;
ISDB-T_Full_Seg_digital_USB_TV Stick_use_for_PC_Philippines_Japan_chile_VCAN1012_3
ISDB-T_Full_Seg_digital_USB_TV Stick_use_for_PC_Philippines_Japan_chile_VCAN1012_4ISDB-T_Full_Seg_digital_USB_TV Stick_use_for_PC_Philippines_Japan_chile_VCAN1012_6ISDB-T_Full_Seg_digital_USB_TV Stick_use_for_PC_Philippines_Japan_chile_VCAN1012_7
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