Four tuner four antenna ISDB-T 7800 for Japan

Four tuner four antenna ISDB-T 7800 for Japan 1 -

Four tuner four antenna ISDB-T 7800 for Japan

Japanese ISDB-T digital TV receiver box has experienced below process: from the one with one tuner and one antenna to the one with two tuners and two antennas. Later it developed into the one with mini b-cas card for full seg TV reception again.

In 2013, in order to provide users with a better quality product, namely the TV reception can still be stable and high definition even in the high-speed moving process, VCAN Company recently launched a latest edition of TV receiver box with four tuners and four antennas and support full seg. Moreover, the tuner also offers 3 ~ 5V power to supply to the TV antenna with signal amplifier. These unique designs immediately won a positive response from the market at last trade fair. VCAN always adhere to providing customers with high quality products and more and more strong market adjustment ability in its R&D aspect.

This latest product, model number ISDB-T7800 not only has four HD antenna tuners, but also supports HDMI output, enabling customers to connect directly to the car’s HDMI displays. Thus digital signal is input to a digital display, which can avoid the signal be transformed into CVBS analog one, resulting in a picture attenuation.

four tuner four antenna ISDB-T

Meanwhile, to make the antenna be used conveniently as well as look beautiful, L-shaped antenna is recommended, because it is very easy for the customers to hide the antenna power cord. Furthermore, the antenna is detachable and can be pasted repeatedly, which is especially designed for the user to take it down conveniently in the car annual verification.

4 tuner 4 antenna ISDB-T–One-Seg-Mini-B-cas-card-for-Japan-With-Four-Tuner.html

If you have any suggestions or comments 4 tuner 4 antenna ISDB-T , please contact VCAN Company. With strong R & D strength, we are willing to provide custom-made service according to customers’ requirements or make continuous improvement.


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