COFDM Wireless Video Receiver HDMI cvbs output mini modulator module RX long distance fpv uav

COFDM Wireless Video Receiver HDMI CVBS output

COFDM Wireless Video Receiver HDMI CVBS output mini modulator module long-distance fpv UAV Transmission UART config Recorder

COFDM Wireless Video Receiver
COFDM Wireless Video Receiver


Standard DVB-T/DVB-T2 COFDM Standards module with Diversity 2 antenna
Modulation Format COFDM / DVB-T
Supply Voltage 12-24VDC
Frequency Range 170MHz~930MHz (adjustable, and customized 2.4-5.8G available on your request)
Channel Band Width 6MHz / 7MHz / 8MHz
Subcode carrier modulation QPSK,16QAM,64QAM
Guard Interval 1/8, 1/4
Error Code Rate 1/2;2/3;3/4;5/6;7/8
Input Impedance 50Ω Unbalanced
Power Consumption Running:3W Max. (DC 12V in); Standby: 0.5W Max. (DC 12V in)
Remote Control Interface UART / IR
Working Temperature -20℃~+50℃
Storage Temperature -40℃~+65℃
Audio Output Stereo
Video aspect ratio 16: 9; 4:3
Search Automatic Channel Search, Manual Search
Video Output Interface CVBS, HDMI
Infrared control Standard NEC remote infrared receiver
Dimension 112mm×67.5mm×22mm
Remarks Advanced signal processing for mobile environment conditions


Work for COFDM-907T

OFDM Wireless Video Transmitter

HD digital wireless video transmission receiver COFDM-907R
Built-in Decoder board and COFDM dual-antenna receiving demodulation module, the whole machine adopts aluminum alloy casing, high receiving sensitivity, low decoding display delay, high-definition video output stable and clear.


  1. Dual Antenna reception
  2. Support working frequency range: 160MHz~930MHz, the center working frequency can be configured;
  3. Wireless bandwidth is configurable;
  4. The sensitivity of dual antenna reception -100±1dbm (QPSK 8MHz);
  5. Wireless receiving status information (such as received signal strength, air interface rate, data rate, working frequency, wireless bandwidth, etc.) can be superimposed/not displayed on the video screen through the OSD switch button, or output to the serial port (customized) ;
  6. Low-latency H264 video decoding, support [email protected] decoding playback;
  7. Audio and video output (HDMI, CVBS, USB port simultaneous output):
    1. HDMI Type-A port audio and video output
    2. CVBS (Lotus Head) AV audio and video output
    3. Output video stream to the phone/tablet decoding display via USB port
  8. Support video receiving and decrypting function (matching with video encryption at the transmitting end);
  9. Support TF card or USB disk video recording;
  10. Provide one-way single-direction transparent data transmission serial port;
  11. Provide parameters to configure the serial port for working settings (such as center working frequency, wireless bandwidth, receiving decryption password);
  12. Power supply: 6~15V, working power consumption is [email protected]
  13. Machine size: 115x90x34mm
  14. Machine weight: 243 grams


COFDM HDMI Wireless Video Receiver
COFDM HDMI Wireless Video Receiver
COFDM HDMI Wireless Video Receiver Button
COFDM HDMI Wireless Video Receiver Button
  1. Power In: 12~24V
  2. RJ45:preset for future
  3. HDMI Out: A type HDMI carrier, high-definition audio and video output interface
  4. CVBS AV out analog video output interface
  5. RF ANT In wireless signal input antenna interface, SMA external threaded inner hole
  6. UART : TX RX GND to connect the PC for frequency adjust
  7. USB interface:
    1. Recording video can be connected to an external USB flash drive or USB hard disk
    2. Upgrade for new firmware
  8. Auto: Auto-Search new channel
  9. Info: Show current channel information, for example, frequency, bandwidth, etc
  10. REC: Record current channel to the USB stick
  11. Stop: Stop to record
  12. Channel Switch: Switch channel loop from 503Mhz, 509Mhz, 515Mhz, and 521Mhz.
  13. OK: confirmation


112mm × 67.5mm × 22mm

RF Performance Test

Operating Center Frequency 470MHz, Power Amplifier: 1W



Operating Center Frequency 700MHz, Power Amplifier: 1W






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